Blaze can be most easily installed from conda

$ conda install blaze

More up-to-date builds are available on the blaze anaconda channel:

conda install -c blaze blaze

Blaze may also be installed using pip:

pip install blaze --upgrade
pip install git+  --upgrade

If you are interested in the development version of Blaze you can obtain the source from Github.

$ git clone

Anaconda can be downloaded for all platforms here: .


To build project from source:

$ python install

To build documentation on a unix-based system:

$ cd docs
$ make docs

To run tests:

$ py.test --doctest-modules --pyargs blaze

Strict Dependencies

Blaze depends on NumPy, Pandas, and a few pure-python libraries. It should be easy to install on any Numeric Python setup.

Optional Dependencies

Blaze can help you use a variety of other libraries like sqlalchemy or h5py. If these are installed then Blaze will use them. Some of these are non-trivial to install. We recommend installation throgh conda.